Bio & Testimonials

A Bit About Me

From 1972 to 1981 I lived and worked in a ‘spiritual community’ in West Virginia and from that experience came to understand that we constantly re-live and re-act to childhood-based beliefs and programming. I learned how to change my behaviors and beliefs to coincide with my inner warrior. I became a certified massage therapist and knew then that my life's purpose was to give people a space to be nurtured and feel peace.  In 1981 I moved to Washington, DC opened a massage practice that lasted 28 years. During that time I expanded my business skills as well, offering business consulting to individuals opening their own practices.

As my massage practice began to wind down, I took a small workshop on Life Coaching in DC that changed my direction focus. I began to see I could use my spiritually-based skills combined with coaching to guide clients to change their behaviors and beliefs to find their own inner warrior.

I completed my coach training with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI, in 2007, the Co-Active Leadership Program in 2008, and  the Certification Program in 2011.

I live and work in Fort Walton Beach continuing to expand my knowledge and skills in coaching,  Pranic Healing and Reiki Therapy.

What Others Are Saying

"My coaching with Cassandra has been instrumental in fortifying me with the spiritual, emotional, and physical strength, clarity, and support necessary to courageously let God

remove critical obstacles and limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of my success. With the help of Cassandra’s constancy, experience, and confident authority my business       and personal life have truly been transformed."


"I have experienced significant personal and professional growth working with Cassandra over the past year.  I’ve been able to uncover and understand the thought and behavior patterns that kept me stuck, and have replaced them with a positive purpose and vision for my life. By using the tools provided by Cassandra, and by having a trusted partner to hold me  accountable for progress, I have created an entirely new foundation for my life. I have more health and vitality (I’m finally exercising regularly!), a more playful and loving marriage, and am more confident and successful in my work. I’m extremely grateful to Cassandra for the increased joy, clarity, courage, and peace that I’ve felt since working with her."  

                                                                                                              ~ Tracey T. 

"When I started with Cassandra a year and a half ago, I was a typical 70 year old know-it-all Grandma, been-there-done-that kind of person who was well versed in 12-step programs and other self-help miscellany. Nevertheless, I struggled with my bottom line and that is the concept of aging and whether it was worth the good fight. She guided me with a different perspective at looking at my issues, helping me to redesign/redeem my alliances with my friends and family so that we all went away happy. She helped me reinforce the strength of my convictions while weeding out stuff that doesn't work. In a word, she helped me become more comfortable and proud of who I am. Today, with the tools she has given me, I feel confident and eager for the next step of my journey. I am indeed very grateful to Cassandra for helping me go through this transformation with ease, grace and peace. Thank you Cassandra."                                                                            ~ Ruby H.

"My coaching sessions with you have been extremely helpful to me. I have been through a lot this past year that has required me to seek additional support and you have come through in spades. I have never worked with a life coach before nor had I conducted sessions with a professional via Skype and phone. I wasn't sure how this would work out but your friendly and warm demeanor put me at ease right away. In facing extremely difficult situations such as bankruptcy, career change, and possible divorce--through your guidance I was able to view these things in an entirely new perspective which I hadn't dreamed possible. By taking me through focused and loving exercises I was able to see myself and the people around me in a more neutral and holistic way.  You gave me concrete assignments to work on to help me toward my life goals. Some of the meditations and awareness that I was able to achieve as a result brought immediate manifestations and affirmations that I was on the right track--the universe.  

'You lead discussions without judgment but with an inquisitive stance that caused me to pause to find my own hidden answers. In articulating my life's purpose we were able to create a scaffold of support that is easy to call upon and fall upon when needed. I like being in the solution; you were able to give me practical, active steps to keep me in the solution while working toward my goals. Outcomes have been more around the journey rather than the destination which keeps me serene and in a state of acceptance. You avoid the blame game without me even knowing it. That takes some skill. You never told me what to do, but rather coached me to be more compassionate and kind.

"In closing, I would recommend Cassandra as a leader and life coach. She has the heart and mind of a true visionary. Thanks."

                                                                                                  ~ Carla D.