Holding the Space for Your Positive Empowerment

You are naturally creative, resourceful, whole. There is nothing about you that needs to be fixed. The understanding of your own answers, and the courage to act on those answers, are within you. It is my honor to create a safe, accepting, and supportive structure for your exploration to connect to you own Inner Warrior.

So where is it you would like to go at this moment? What goal of greater personal fulfillment do you want to achieve? How do you want to reach your destination?

And, most importantly, what are you ready to transform in your understanding of yourself in order to get there?

My role is to lead you to your own answers to those questions. From those answers, together we will outline an authentic, sustainable plan of action you can apply to your own life. Because I care deeply about your success, I also provide the voice of encouraging accountability to help you ensure that you meet your own goals. As I draw on an integrative approach to coaching, I will teach you supportive spiritual tools and share energy healing if needed -- Reiki and Pranic Healing modalities -- to aid your clarity and confidence.

Let's move forward together. Now.


Cassandra Spears

Spiritual Warrior Coaching

 “He who conquers himself, is the mightiest warrior” ~ Confucius